Jordan T Kickstarter 2016: We did it!


Back in December of 2015 we started the Jordan T Kickstarter campaign... by the end of it we surpassed our original goal of $23,000 and raised $30,437 toward kicking off this Bridges album! Big shout out to all of our backers! Thanks for believing in the vision!

A message from Jordan T, taken from his official Instagram:

Literally a dream come true. I just heard the official news that you guys brought in 30,803. The goal was 23,000. The kickstarter has ended, and the fans... frriiiccck.. I'm so humbled. You guys went above and beyond! Ended with at 133%. So grateful. This project is going to be top shelf because of you, the FANS. Mahalo nui loa for everyone that helped spread tha fiyaaaaah! Big ups @iandient and @theoriginatives and @melvinlaso - Wouldn't have happened without this team! NOW the real work begins... :) the movement has begun. #bridgesAlbum2016 #jordant #successfulkickstarter 
#kickstarterCampaign #fueledByTheFansForTheFans #alohaautomatic #forTheFans

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